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The Old Slave House (Hickory Hill), Junction, IL

The Hickory Hill mansion was built in 1842 by a wealthy man, John Hart Crenshaw, who owned several salt tracts. Although it was illegal to own slaves in Illinois at this time, it was legal to lease slaves from other states to work in the salt mines.

Crenshaw imprisoned slaves, some of whom were kidnapped, in the attic of the mansion in narrow cells and manacles. He reportedly tortured and beat the slaves for many years, and also "bred" his own slaves, until eventually his cruel practices were discovered and he retired to become a farmer.

In the 1920s, the house was opened as a tourist attraction where slavery existed in Illinois, however tourists began reporting sounds of people crying and moaning coming from the attic, cold chills, and whispers. Things intensified when a ghost hunter named Hickman Whittington went to the attic shortly after it opened and spent a few hours there. Though he was in perfect health at the time, he died a few hours after leaving the mansion.

Reportedly, hundreds of people tried to spend the night in the attic after Whittington's death, but would leave, terrorized, before morning (one man did finally spend the night there in 1978, and reported strange sounds).

Currently, the Hickory Hills mansion is owned by the state of Illinois, and is scheduled to open as a historic site (but has not yet re-opened to visitors). In the mean time this house is a haunted place.

The Light house was built originally to serve as a lighthouse on the Great Lakes but soon lost its purpose as stories about the lighthouse being haunted started circulating all over the world. The structure of the lighthouse is a marvel and is a beauty. It is a great tourist spot with the beautiful decorations surrounded by seas. However, it is recommended that only people having a solid heart should enter the place as there are many things that contribute to the haunted stories associated with it. These include shadows and footsteps of people walking around you even if you are alone at the place.

People who go to the place claim that they have seen shadows following them. The shadows they see are not a complete figure. It is believed that it is the ghost of John who is still searching for his body parts. Other than this, travelers can hear footsteps as if someone is following them even they are alone in a gallery. Among other signs, there are weird sounds as somebody is dragging something on the stairs, thumping noises, and beer cans rolling though nothing is in sight. On the entrance of the lighthouse, there is a board that says that the lighthouse may be haunted.

Haunted Bhangarh, India (Rajasthan) : For Ghost Travelers

Though it is not sure if ghosts exist or not, the ASI of Bhangarh has warned people travelling to this place in Rajasthan that they should not go to the place after sunset.

You can see signs everywhere not to venture to the haunted city before sunrise and leave it before sunset. The place has many ruins of the middle era.

Ghosts at Bhangarh: The Extent of Fear
The Government of India was to set a military centre to patrol the place all over the night to solve the puzzle of ghosts but could not dare. None of the military personnel were willing to participate in the operation. Even the ASI office is a kilometer away from the place and has a board that says: “Staying in the Area after Sunset is Strictly Prohibited.” This indicates that something is very wrong, to the extent that even the paramilitary forces are not venturing into the area after dark.

Bhangarh Myth: The Curse
The local people say that the entire place was vacated overnight due to a curse. They also say that as per the curse the city will disappear and if at all it is discovered, there will be no reminiscences of the place except for the temples.

The second part of the story lends some support to the myth. The entire place has nothing but ruins, or rather attractive ruins. However, the place is full of temples. Most of the temples belong to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is said to save people from Ghosts and evil Spirits.
As per the legend, the princess of Bhangarh was a match to none in beauty to any other woman in the place. There were several marriage offers coming in for her, when one tantrik (evil magician) spotted her. He was so enchanted by her beauty that he wanted to possess her at any cost.

Following the princess, one day he went to the local market where the servant of the princess was buying perfumes. Taking advantage of the princess’ absence around the servant, he poured some magical lotion into the perfume bottles. The effect of the lotion was supposed to draw the princess to the tantrik as soon as she applies it.

However, someone saw this and informed the princess who broke the bottle. This acted as a reverse effect and hurt the tantrik who as a revenge, cursed the entire place saying the place will no more be existent and all the residents will die. This happened and the princess too died. Till date there are several related myths related to the story.

Bhangarh: How to Reach Bhangarh
The place lies between Jaipur and Alwal. You can drop down at either places through train or flights and take a bus to the place. There are also private taxis that take you to the place. However, you will have to walk for a km as the buses stop at some distance from the place.

Places to Stay
There is nothing that will let you stay inside the place as it is uninhabited. It is suggested that you use the local Rest Houses spread outside the place. The Rest Houses are managed by the ASI and are located within the circle of a km from the place.